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The Trail Pals Story

The Horse Trailer Accessory Store, online and located at 39400 Pioneer Blvd., Suite 11, Sandy, OR 97055


Trail Pals was originally a horse trailer dealership in Oregon, started in 2003 by two trail riding pals. Resulting from the many inquiries we received, we decided to sell our horse trailer upgrades separately--and then launched the business online. Soon, due to the huge customer demand, we added horse trailer replacement parts. We don't sell trailers anymore--but now we have over 10 years of experience in the industry, which gives us a very good working knowledge of all types of horse trailers, from vintage to brand new. And, with a background in customer service, we will treat you right!


We specialize in the newest horse trailer accessories and  hard-to-find horse trailer parts, and we keep them in stock! You will find a lot of "crossover" items that work for dog trailers and every type of livestock trailer. Electrical, axles, brakes & hitches are not our area of expertise. We also try not to carry RV items. Restoring a vintage horse trailer? Call or email us---we can help. Advice is free!


Our many suppliers and manufacturers offer thousands of products (which we have full access to) and we can make all of these items available to you. But, obviously, we cannot feature all of these products on our web site. We currently feature over 400 items that we feel are the most in demand from horse trailer owners.  Contact us if you need something you don't see or email us a photo of your old or broken part. Yes, there is a good chance that we will  know where to find the product you are searching for!


We relocated the business from Oregon to Tennessee in December 2011 and a year later we  opened our first retail location. For family reasons, we moved the store back to Oregon in April, 2014. Business is terrific & growing every month!  We have found our niche-we are a horse trailer specific web site for horse trailer parts & accessories. There is definitely a need for a business like ours, for horse trailer owners that can't find a local horse trailer dealer who stocks parts. Purchasing these items online makes total sense--the customer can shop when they have the time & the items you need are quickly shipped to your door, saving both time & money. Maybe now you'll have more time to ride your horse!





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Who has an extensive horse trailer parts inventory? We do!

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NEW! Flettner TCX-2 Roof Ventilators! Exclusive US Retailer!

Featured New Products

We specialize in hard-to-find horse trailer accessories and other trailer cross-over items that make our trailers safer and more enjoyable for animals & owners. We feature the newest arrivals in horse trailer parts and accessories here.

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Trailer Parts


We carry many hard-to-find and standard parts that are commonly attached to horse trailers, and most of the fasteners needed to mount them.


Trailer  Accessories

Our selection of trailer accessories is ever-changing as new products hit the industry. Many are "cross-over" type items that can also be used in other applications.


Trailer Vents & Fans

We have the newest, upgraded 2-way roof vents that we have found to be the safest for equines (no more metal blades underneath) and other hard-to-find vents, gaskets & trim rings.






Trailer Trims & Seals

Includes aluminum trailer trims, safety edges for fenders, rubber window gasket by the foot, etc.



Water Tanks

These innovative products make it easy & convenient to take many gallons of water with you and still keep everything dry in your truck or trailer. We carry the largest selection available anywhere!


Jiffy Jacks

Trailer Jacks

Everyone wants to change a flat as fast and as safely as possible. We offer the specs and explain the pros & cons of each item offered. We have the best selection of Tire Jacks offered anywhere!


EZ Jack

Trailer Chocks

Make sure your trailer stays exactly where you want it to!  Wheel chocks & tongue chocks....check out the newest products!

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Trailer Pads

Trailer Pads

We have the best selection of trailer pads on the market today  (including custom-made pads) & the fasteners you need to mount them.

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Trailer Ball Mounts

Our selection of hard-to-find  ball mounts &  balls.


Published Trailer Safety Info

There is much new published safety  information on the subject of hauling horse trailers. Our selection of books & a DVD feature valuable insights on matching the correct truck to the trailer, and tips on driving, towing & maintaining your trailer. Also, there are chapters on the subject of teaching your horse to load safely.

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Windows & Feed Doors

We have some hard to-find sizes in windows & "feed doors" (plus the clamp ring) & we cut rubber window gasket by the foot....

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Sale Items

Some items have been here too long, some are special purchase and some are discontinued.


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 Universal Coupler Lock

Trailer Locks


We have a good selection of all types of trailer locks, and all multiple orders are keyed alike by a registered locksmith.

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Most of our shipping charges are based on the dollar amount of the order, so that all of our customers pay the same shipping prices.  Even if we have the item in stock, we have the option of having your order drop-shipped from one of our many supplier's locations all over the USA, for the same flat-rate shipping price. We strive to SHIP FAST--- most orders go out the same day or within 48 hours.

 FLAT-RATE SHIPPING on standard purchases:

$0.01--$50.00= $9.95*

$50.01--$100.00= $14.95*

$100.01--$200.00= $19.95*

$200.01--$300.00= $24.95*

$300.01--$400.00= $29.95*

 We charge  an additional $10. per $100. for orders over $400.00 .

*Over-size & over-weight items have additional shipping charges. These items are clearly marked with the term "FOB", with the additional shipping charge for each item listed next to the item. The flat rate shipping is applied first, then any FOB charge is added in after that, and your order is totaled.

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Canadian, International & Overseas Customers: Shipping Charges Charges

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Ordering Information

**LOCAL SHOPPERS: Please shop the website first, then call in your order over the phone & find out if the products you want are currently in stock and available for pickup.

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We proudly offer you our  secure PayPal Shopping Cart, but we also accept orders by telephone, fax, e-mail and US Mail.

Your Checks and Money Orders are always welcome!

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**LOCAL SHOPPERS: Please shop the website first, then call in your order over the phone & find out if the products you want are currently in stock and available for pickup.
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 We recommend that all parts and accessories be installed by a professional. If you choose to install them yourself, Trail Pals will not be responsible for any damage caused to yourself or your property.


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